The Latino Cancer Institute

A nonprofit network dedicated to the promotion of education, services, research and policy that impact Latinos nationwide around issues of cancer.
The Latino Cancer Institute acts as a network for agencies, linking members to share knowledge and best practices. Connecting colleagues, peers and institutions is critical to The Institute’s ongoing mission to amplify and disseminate outstanding work in the cancer arena, and to support one another.


The Latino Cancer Institute provides opportunities to network, learn and collaborate with stakeholders in the cancer landscape including Latino cancer researchers.
The Latino Cancer Institute leverages our united voice at the national table to advance Latino cancer concerns including education, services, funding, and research. Our aim is to be heard, understood and included in any proposed policy.

Online Training Portal

Members will have access to our unique training platform for their Promotores aka Community Health Workers. Besides providing learning opportunities, The Institute will host Science Cafes with expert scientists talking about cancer findings and the Latino community. We’ll also offer a monthly Chat Room for Promotores to share ideas, learnings, and concerns. Watch this space for an August launch.
We are developing a national network of Latino cancer service agencies. This network is united in common cause to

  • Develop and share best practices that address cancer knowledge, quality care, and health equity
  • Collaborate with research to address Latino cancer concerns
  • Advocate for regulation and policy that improves access and equity of care to diminish risk and mortality

The Latino Cáncer Institute wishes you all well in this time of uncertainty. Our best advice is to refer to the facts and the experts wherever you live. We want to share with you an excellent document from HOPE, a great organization of Latinas based in California, who worked hard to gather this information that provides guides and links to help you. Some are specific to California. For those who are cancer, patients take special care to follow all directions of your doctors and caregivers as your immune systems have been weakened due to treatment and so your risks are higher.

Ysabel Duron, Founder/CEO