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The Latino Cancer Institute (TLCI) acts as a network for agencies, linking members to share knowledge and best practices. Connecting colleagues, peers and institutions is critical to The Institute’s ongoing mission to amplify and disseminate outstanding work in the cancer arena, and to support one another. Check the links below to learn how to connect through TLCI.

Join our Network

We are developing a national network of Latino cancer service agencies. This network is united in common cause to

  • Develop and share best practices that address cancer knowledge, quality care, and health equity
  • Collaborate with research to address Latino cancer concerns
  • Advocate for regulation and policy that improves access and equity of care to diminish risk and mortality

Best Practices

Agencies around the country have developed crucial programs to address local needs. The Latino Cancer Institute is focused on identifying these and providing opportunities for other parts of the country with fewer resources to access these ideas and adapt them to address gaps in services.

Latino Genetic Registry

Genetic testing might tell you more about yourself than just your ancestry. Participation in this process could be part of the puzzle to the cancer mystery. Latinos/Hispanics have an amazing genetic history that varies among our subpopulations. Our biology, our life experience, and our environmental exposure all add to the puzzle that cannot be unlocked, if we do not participate in research. The Latino Cancer Institute proposes to be that trusted partner with whom you will share your data in the belief that Latinos/Hispanics must have control of our information, and determine who uses it and how it is used. This is a work in progress. We ask you to stay tuned.

National Network of Latino Cancer Researchers

The Latino Cancer Institute values its continuing collaboration with Redes En Acción, the National Network of Latino Cancer Researchers, which is dedicated to reducing Latino cancer. The aim of The Institute is to connect our member agencies with researchers and researchers with agencies interested in tackling particular questions in their communities that increase cancer risk.

Researcher Spotlight

The Latino Cancer Institute will turn a spotlight on the work of cancer researchers working in the Latino community. We hope both to acknowledge their efforts and to increase knowledge and awareness in the Latino community related to cancer findings and disseminate practical applications where applicable.