The Latino Cancer Institute invites you to the Inaugural Forum, “Reports from the Field”

September 20, 2019
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM 
San Francisco Hilton Hotel 
333 O’Farrell Street Room Franciscan B 

To register by email or phone: 

Reports from the Field highlights:

  • New Preliminary results of a novel survey driven by The Institute exploring Latinos’ experiences in clinical trials
  • How a national survivorship project by George Washington Cancer Center was informed by local community engagement
  • Preliminary findings from a unique Hereditary Breast Cancer project – a collaboration of The Institute and UCSF research partner Dr. Laura Fejerman
  • A successful training program to increase genetic literacy among Latino community health workers
  • An exciting state funded project bringing precision medicine to a low-income Latino community through a Stanford – Latino Cancer Institute partnership
  • How Pfizer is addressing the need to increase representation of racial and ethnic groups into clinical trials
  • The importance of engaging community agencies to help drive research priorities

Thank you to our sponsors, Pfizer and the American Cancer Society, for their support of this event and The Latino Cancer Institute’s work.